Meet the maker

My name: Magda Giebels
Of Dutch origin I have been living in Évora Portugal since 2000.
Before moving to Évora I lived and worked in Tilburg, Holland.
I develop projects in te following areas:

Book design layout of books, bookcovers and illustrations. Knowledge of the following programs: Quark Xpress, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Platform: Apple Macintosh.

Digital design Digital graphics and logo types to be applied to the internet and other digital devices (cd rom),

Movie (digital) Script, camera work and editing. Programs: iMovie and Adobe Premiere.

Photography (analog and digital). Portrait and group portrait , travel, documentary photography.

Magda Giebels

Quinta da Boticária
Apartado 2040
7001 901 Évora

tel/fax (+00351) 266 708 491
MT (+00351) 963 627 566