Quinta da Boticária
Évora (Canaviais)
TM 00351 963 627 566



From the border at Badajoz (Spain): take the highway direction Lisbon. Take the first side-way direction Evora, ca. 100 km from the border. From there it is still about 10 km to Évora. Right before you enter the city you can see the old factory of grainproducts today the art-faculty of the university of Évora on your left hand. Soon you enter a small roundabout, take it 180º, you have another big roundabout next to the old walls of the town. You take one quarter, first street on the right.
)* It is the direction of Igrejinha. You follow that till the next round, take it 180º. Then you enter a small round with an old stone cross. You take the first sideway direction Bacelo. You pass Bacelo and will get to the open space squatered with houses and fields, you pass a small bridge. After about 2.5 km you will see on your left a building, white, big with a cross on top. This is Convento Quinta do Pio, our neighbours. You take the small road just before it and the first gate next to them is our entrance.
From the direction of Lisbon: take the first side-way from the highway direction Evora. From there it is about 10 km to Evora. You arrive in Évora at the old wall, you go to the left and pass under the aquaduct. You arrive at a big roundabout and go round three quarters, direction of Igrejinha. From here you follow )*
From the south, Lagos. When you arrive at the town of Évora go as far as the old walls and go to the left, follow the road next to the walls until you pass under the old aquaduct. After that you will arrive at a big roundabout. Take three quarters, third road to the left, direction Igrejinha/Bacelo. From there follow )*